Warranty and Service

Warranty and service

Mole Watch Studio provides an international warranty on all watches manufactured in our workshop.


The warranty covers faults (malfunctions of the product) caused by the manufacturer. The replacement and repair of faulty parts is free of charge.
After the general (complete) repair of the movement in the "Mole Watch Studio" workshop, the general warranty period is not extended.

The warranty does not cover the strap (bracelet) of the product, the coating of the case and bracelet of the product, the clasp of the strap (bracelet) of the product, stones and other decorative elements, as well as internal and external damages caused by:

  1. Violation of operating rules. Such actions result in traces of shock and mechanical damage - dents on the case and movement, nicks, bounced hands, risks, numerals, missing or deformed crown of the watch, etc.
  2. Unauthorized opening or repair by unauthorized service centers. Unauthorized interference or repair by unauthorized persons results in the watch being stripped, its movement or components, unscrewed screws or other signs of tampering.
  3. Mechanical action, shock or vibration, or the use of force on parts of the watch. The following are the results of such interference: broken or falling out crystal, cracks, chipping, scratches, scoring of surfaces, deformation of materials and parts, broken or bent crown pin, bracelet hinges detached from the case, etc.
  4. Water, other liquids, corrosive chemicals, as indicated by stains, deposits, corrosion. 
  5. Penetration of foreign objects, substances or insects into the product.
  6. Acts of insuperable force - fire, accident, electrical failure, etc.
  7. Exposure to high temperatures.

The watch is sent to and from the service center by the postal service employees or transportation companies.

We are not responsible for delivery by non-courier delivery service.

If any of the items in this list are found by the watchmaker to be damaged, the warranty will be void. The customer is informed orally or in writing.

The warranty service does not include the call of a watchmaker and is performed remotely by delivering the watch to the watchmaker and the owner. The cost of delivery of the watch to the service workshop and back is not included in the warranty repair and is paid by the purchaser additionally, at postal or shipping companies' rates.

The warranty repair can last up to 6 months, as a suitable donor movement has to be found. If the repair lasts longer than 6 months, the retailer may offer you a replacement watch.

The warranty period is calculated from the moment the watch is delivered to the service center.

This set of rules does not provide a refund for the watch. Only an exchange is possible. Auction Watches can only be replaced with Watches presented in the merchandise group, the exchange is carried out with a surcharge of the difference between the price of the watch from the auction and the price of the watch from the merchandise group.

The warranty for a vintage watch is 6 months.
The warranty for a modern watch is 12 months.

The warranty period begins on the day the watch is paid for by the buyer.

Warranty service is performed at Mole service center.

Regards Mole watch studio.