Welcome to the wonderful world of Mole Watch Studio, where timepieces are transformed into the incredible magic of time with the direct involvement of each of our clients.
We are a creative alliance of skilled watchmakers, virtuoso restorers, talented jewelers and daring designers who go beyond the ordinary and stereotypes.
Mole Watch Shop does not follow everyday trends and is not committed to fickle fashion.

Our specialty lies in our sincere desire to create unique, exclusive timepieces, integrating your individual ideas into them.
We create the watch of your dreams with modern, vintage and antique Swiss movements at its heart.

Every tiny detail - from the movements that come to life under the skillful hands of our craftsmen to the cases that radiate with diamond bling - reflects our infinite respect for the uniqueness of your personality.
Attention to detail and the desire for exclusivity are embodied in each unique masterpiece created by our craftsmen.

You become not only a customer, but also a part of our creative team and the eternal history of time by taking an active part in the creation of this unique, individualized work of watchmaking art.
A watch from the Mole workshop is the epitome of art itself; it can not only measure time, but also create its own story.
We listen to you, while the rest of the world only hears the voice of the brands.

"Mole is a workshop where time comes to life."